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We bring in some special wines from Italy

Embark on a remarkable voyage as we proudly bring the essence of Italy’s renowned winemaking heritage to your glass. In partnership with Agricola Forno, we curate a range of exquisite wines that embody the artistry and passion of Italian viticulture.

From the sun-soaked terrains of Tenuta le Lune del Vesuvio in Naples across diverse territories spanning the Italian peninsula, our selection unveils a symphony of flavors. Savor the velvety embrace of a Tuscan Chianti, the bold character of a Sicilian Nero d’Avola, and the elegance of a Piedmont Barolo—all meticulously sourced to elevate your tasting experience.

Our collaboration with Agricola Forno, coupled with a thoughtfully curated array of wines from across Italy, guarantees an exploration of flavors that encapsulate the nation’s winemaking legacy. Join us in raising a toast to this harmonious union, where tradition, expertise, and passion flow seamlessly from vine to glass.

You can enjoy our wonderful wines in our wonderful Italian Restaurant here in Cardiff and now we also offer the chance to purchase these wines through our website to be enjoyed at at any occasion.

Tenuta le Lune del Vesuvio. This estate has been operating since 1940; its wine making expertise has been passed down through three generations and is highly regarded by many wine experts, throughout the Italian and European trade market.

To learn more about us please feel free to ask either in our restaurant or through the contact form available on this website.