Greco Di Tufo DOCG “Nuance”


This Italian white wine, Greco di Tufo, takes its name from the small town of Tufo in Avellino, Campania, not too far from Mt. Vesuvius.The name Tufo means ‘’tuff’’ in Italian, which is the name given to the soft volcanic rock that makes up the subsoil of the region.This unique soil is certainly the reason for the distinct minerality of the wine.

  • Aromas: It generally presents pleasant apple and jasmine hints, aromatic herbs notes such as Thyme and Sage are also present.
  • Taste: Well structured wine, fresh and tasty. Good is also the persistence, with a fine citrus and mineral taste.
  • Food pairing: Greco di Tufo wines can be paired with all the fish based dishes, seafood and shellfish, also ideal with risotto and young cheeses.


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  • Vintage: 2019
  • Denomination: DOCG
  • Grape Variety: Greco 100%
  • ABV %: 13%
  • Colour: Shiny golden yellow colour
  • Serving Temperature: 14°C

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