ELGANO : The Best kept Secret In Cardiff

ELGANO : The Best kept Secret In Cardiff

Set within a beautiful Victorian house along Cathedral Road, you would be forgiven for not knowing about this delightful Italian Restaurant with a unique talent for dazzling the senses. It opened in January 2016 and has quickly become the best kept secret in Cardiff. Its understated and almost unknown presence has lead to positive reviews floating like murmurs in the wind to those in search for authentic Italian cuisine. The Italian restaurant where the Italians eat, a true testament to the Menu’s quality and authenticity.

You won’t need us to tell you about our food, we’ll let those who have experienced it spread the word for us. Kacie Morgan of TheWelshRarebit.com will testify to the fact as she describes the Polpette Della Nona as “the best I’ve ever tasted and that is no exaggeration. Absolutely mouth-watering”. The Plate Licked Clean describes our Spaghetti Elgano as “Happiness on a plate. A seafood spaghetti with white wine and pomegranate seeds; new on me, but apparently a typical addition in Sicily. Heady with garlic, this was a beautiful-looking dish, studded with sweet rubies among the mussels, clams and fish. Skilfully accomplished.”

Like The Plate Licked Clean described Elgano, “It’s simple, it’s unpretentious, it’s delicious. If you want your food good and happy and plentiful- make like a bee and buzz along to Cathedral Road.” I don’t think we could have summed it up any better, so “buzz along”, we’ll be here waiting for you.

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