Hotel Directory – Best Italian Hotel in Cardiff

Hotel Directory – Best Italian Hotel in Cardiff

Welcome to Elgano Hotel – Best Relax in Cardiff

Information for our guests

– Guests are advised to familiarise themselves with the action to be taken in the event of a fire (see separate sheet)
– All areas within the Elgano building are No Smoking by law. There are designated smoking areas either side of the Orangery (breakfast room).
– The car park is closed and locked from dusk to dawn and is monitored by 24 hour CCTV
– Your room should be vacated by 11.00hrs on the day of your departure
– Reception closes at 22.00hrs after which time an emergency contact number is the Elgano telephone number on 02920 344060. Alternatively ring the Front Door Bell.
– Please consider other guests when returning to the hotel late at night. Ensure external doors are closed behind you but able to be accessed by key holders.
– Guests will be charged for any unreasonable breakages or damage made to any furniture or property on the premises
– The proprietors do not accept any responsibility for vehicles/ items of value left on the premises
– Gwesty Elgano Hotel will make a charge of £10.00 to cover the cost of room keys that are not returned on departure. Please remember to hand in your keys or return them by post if you forget

The bedroom telephone is for contacting the duty manager in cases of emergency. It does not receive incoming calls, nor can be used for dialling out.

Contact Duty Manager for:
– Extra items of bedding including top sheets if desired
– Sachets of hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee, herbal teas
– Extra Toiletries of Shampoo and Shower Gel sachets. Toothpaste/brushes may be purchased from Reception
– Iron/ironing board access (before 22.00hrs)
– First Aid Kit. Please note that we cannot issue painkillers or similar drugs

Useful telephone numbers:

Emergency Doctor/Dentist – 02920 444500 (Heath Hospital of Wales)
National Train/Bus Services – 0871 2002233
Capital Taxis – 02920 777777
Premier Taxis – 02920 555555
Dragon Taxis – 02920 333333

We wish all our guests a comfortable and pleasant stay at Elgano.

Feedback is important to us. Please tell us of any suggestions or comments you may have.

Each bedroom has been designed with simplicity and practicality both for our guests to enjoy, and our staff to maintain.


Ensure TV is switched on at the mains behind the TV (as part of our eco-friendly policy we switch off when rooms are vacated)
Use the remote control to switch on once and then wait for the response. Use this then to change channels, adjust volume etc
If the TV is now switched on but you are not receiving a picture, press the DTV button (DVB on some TVs) on the remote control. Then scroll through options until you reach DTV (or DVB) on the screen. You should now be receiving a signal.


The password to access our free Wi Fi is elganoHotel12 (with no spaces). When searching for available networks choose the strongest connection for your laptop.


Currently the telephone system can only contact the Duty Manager in Reception or on the cordless phone at night. It is for use in case of an emergency only. Press any one number to phone Reception or Duty Manager.


The two dials on either end of the shower base control temperature and water pressure.
The temperature dial is on the right. The Red Button prevents very hot water from coming through by accident. To override this, push button and turn towards you for hotter water.
The pressure is increased from ‘off’ to full pressure by turning the left hand dial.

Car Park

If you are using the free parking facility during your stay, please be aware that other guests may need to move their vehicles which could have been blocked in by yours.

Please advise Duty Staff on the night preceding your departure, of the need to have access to leave if you can see that it may be a problem.


If you wish to eat in the Italian Restaurant please contact the Duty Manager to make a reservation.

If you discover a fire

Raise the Alarm by pressing the glass at the nearest Fire Alarm Panel.
– Rooms 1,2,3,4,5 : Top of Main Staircase
– Rooms 6,7,8 : Top of Stairs by lobby to 2nd floor
– Rooms 10, 11, 12 : By entrance door of coach house

Other Fire Alarm points are:

– By the main front door
– By the rear entrance door

If you hear the Alarm

Leave your room immediately and proceed to the Assembly Point via nearest clear exit. The Assembly Point is the rear car park. The two escape routes are the main stairway and the back stairway which lead to the front and rear external doorways.

In the Coach House, the main door is your means of exit.

All Fire Exits and Escape Route directions are clearly marked.

Close your room door as you leave. All Fire Doors will automatically release and close at the sounding of the Alarm.

Do not shout or run as this tends to cause panic.

Do not re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so.

Our Environmental Policy

Elgano Hotel has been refurbished to include many eco-friendly features. These include:
– Solar panels for water/heating
– PV Solar panels to generate our electricity
– High efficiency modulating condensing gas boiler
– Eco-taps in all en suite bathrooms
– Low energy light bulbs throughout
– High specification thermal and sound shield boards on all floors/ceilings and external walls.

We are continually striving to improve our ‘carbon footprint’ in all aspects of management.

For this reason we:
– Offer extra toiletries from Reception should you need such rather than making them readily available
– Do not necessarily change towels daily in order to reduce water and heat usage. Only towels placed on bathroom or shower floor will be changed
– Endeavour to turn off electrical goods at main switches
– Recycle all unwanted materials and biodegradable waste through a Council Refuse Scheme.

Please help us achieve a ‘Green Dragon Award’ and in doing so protect our fragile environment.